Nerva's Testimony

Nerva: Christian, Minister, Husband, Father of 5, Owner of @Gr8rlifestyle, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Entrepreneur composes and produces original, uptempo, melodic, and inspirational songs to glorify God and lead people towards the one who can transform their lives into greatness.

Nerva is a South Florida native, currently residing in South Texas. Nerva's audacious demeanor and southern style production is loaded with smooth flows about his radical faith in Jesus Christ. Initially catchy. Nerva's music is simple and not over-cluttered, up beat, energetic, inspirational, encouraging, and motivating. It makes you want to dance, and sing along. His message is clean with a clear concept. It is not like normal rap songs; it actually has a meaning. The longer you listen the more it grows on you. Nerva's entertaining and mesmerizing, almost addictive vocals, captivates your attention. He has a really nice vocal range and tone, yet mellow and smooth vibe, which carries a steady and passionate lyrical flow through every song and is pleasing to the ear.

The lyrics to Nerva's music are not overbearing when it comes to the spiritual message of his love for God and vice versa - it gives you an overall uplifting feeling. Nerva speaks strong and truthful lyrics which are relatable in every way. Without being too preachy, Nerva's music is something younger people with a new taste of rap/hip-hop would not be embarrassed to be bumping in their car. The quality is great, the music is timeless, and the message is cohesive. Overall, whether you're looking for a great workout tune, or a song to help you get through hard times in life, the music Nerva creates works together to bring a feeling of unpredictability of where the song is going, but where it ends up, you like it.

Nerva Charles Jr.'s mission is to clearly relay the message behind the music - the Word of God. Nerva ministers with conviction and transparency, which always proves to be effective on any platform. As a Christian, husband, father of 5, and member of Palm Valley Church, Nerva Charles Jr. is given the opportunity to hear and see what young people deal with on a daily basis. He is then able to speak musically to that generation in a way that they can incorporate God’s Word into their own lives.


Nerva's child-life was tough and overcoming his past is tougher. Infidelity lead his parents to divorced when he was 3-years old. Raised by his mother and her boyfriend (husband now) in a town-house with his 3 brothers (Travis, Jamar, and Nate), who were all birth from different fathers, was a very challenging experience for Nerva. There was a lot of teasing and competition between Nerva and his brothers. This is still a normal thing done between male and female siblings in the south, as a way to test each other or joke around. They would debate over who was better looking, whose father loved them most, or who their mother loved most, and etc. Besides that, Nerva's mother and his stepdad worked full time jobs year-round to keep a roof over their heads, and food on the table. When they weren't working, they were out drinking to celebrate their time off.

Nerva was always a musically driven person ever since he was five years old, nevertheless, Nerva was completely drawn to making music at the age of nine - writing songs and making beats helped Nerva get through the lack of quality personal time with his mom and dad. After the passing away of his grandmother in 2001, Nerva, his mother, and much of his other family members battled with depression. Nerva remembers his Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Kenneth making attempts to get the entire family in church. Their attempts worked for some. Nerva's mother and her boyfriend would never go to church with Nerva and his brothers, but Nerva and his brothers would go whenever a ride was available because no one at home would take them. Travis, one of Nerva's older brothers moved out when Nerva was seven years old to escape the ongoing physical and mental abuse from their stepdad. By the age of fifteen, Nerva left home to do the same. His step father's uncontrolled temper and excessive drinking effected Nerva in a negative way and one night, it nearly stirred him up to get a gun and shoot his stepdad. Nerva decided that he had enough of being mistreated and feeling neglected. To include, no one talked about the bible or ate dinner at the table together in their household. Nerva mentions, "My guardians were imperfect guardians, but they were also hard workers and great providers of the basic things most children would want or need; however our household was missing a very significant factor - the Spirit of God. "

Nerva's mother did her best to protect him and his brothers from a corrupted world, although, she could not control whether they'd stay or leave at such a young age. Before Nerva graduated from high school, he bounced from one friends place to another attempting to survive on his own. He worked two jobs: Burlington Coat Factory as a sales rep on the weekdays after school, and a Chinese restaurant, where he washed dishes and cleaned bathrooms on the weekends. In this period of Nerva's life, he began to feel more independent and he liked it, but he also grew very distant from his mom and brothers. Nerva recalls no one reaching out to check on him to show love or concern during his absence and it began to change his perspective on life - that no one cares. He began to surround himself with some high school friends who were contumacious (heavily involved in violence, unprotected sex, drugs, and alcohol), which almost cost him his life. Nerva went back to live with his mother during his last semester of senior year in high school with intentions to mend what was broken. After graduating in the class of 2008 from Piper High School (Sunrise, Florida), Nerva enlisted into the United States Army to serve his country, gain discipline, and discover himself outside of his familiar upbringings - as a Unit Supply Specialist. 

Nerva completed his United States Army basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky, and his advanced individual training (AIT) in Fort Lee, Virginia. His first duty station was in Columbia, South Carolina., where he met his wife (Rebecca), and they together, conceived his first child (Richelle); They were 19, clueless, and coming from complete opposite backgrounds - Rebecca (Hispanic) and Nerva (African-American) - not to mention, they were not married at the time. Yet, at that moment Nerva had convinced himself he'd never let his children or mother of his child go through what his mother or he went through. However, Nerva failed. The unacceptable lifestyle he once lived before joining the military, he found himself practicing all over again, which caused him to lose his position in the United States Army, and for a short period of time, his position in Rebecca and his new born daughter's life. Nerva began making improper life choices like smoking spice while in the military, and not too long after he was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana; to mask the true problem of feeling unworthy at the time. This transition in Nerva's life made him numb for a while and he refused to show his emotions, which made it difficult to develop healthy relationships. For almost all of his teen and young adult life he was in need of true and complete healing but never wanted to confront the truth of the matter. Today, Nerva sometimes finds it hard to suppress those inner voices and memories that hurt most, however he realizes he must confront in order to conquer.

Moving past a not so great childhood isn't easy, but it is imperative for Nerva to do with his new family. Nerva had to learn how to channel his emotions through studying the bible, praying to God throughout the day, and fellowshipping with other believers. This is what helped Nerva love himself no matter what. Sometimes he fails at that and that is why he loves the ministry of Jesus Christ and enjoys encouraging others to do the same. He has been serving in ministry for over 5 years now after surrendering his life to Christ on December 19, 2012. He has shared the stage with Christian DJ, DJ Vow and he hopes to expand to larger platforms. Because he understands that there are so many hurt people with false perceptions of who God is (because of a world feeding their minds with evil), Nerva believes that people must know they can be healed and loved. Nerva strives to create music that is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and is a direct reflection of God's Grace towards the whole world. Nerva's relationship with his parents, his stepdad, and brothers could be much stronger, but he is motivated to believe that there is hope - that working on their relationship is definitely worth the effort.

Nerva has made it clear in his latest releases that he is not here to fit in, but to stand out like a light that illuminates others and exposes the dark in Jesus name. He makes music to glorify God and exalt His goodness, mercy, and grace. Nerva makes music to express how he feels and to help edify and reveal the Word of God to those who will listen. He makes music because it's something he is very passionate about and earnestly loves to do. Nerva says, "If my music reaches one billion people that'll be great, but if it doesn't and only reaches one soul who receives Jesus Christ into their heart, then that'll be extremely great! God poured out His goodness, mercy, and grace upon me so that my life might be a reflection of His glory. I am aware that I will not get it right the first time or 100% of the time, I'm just here to spread a message about someone who did and persistently is, using music as a gateway. My songs belong in the hands of the entire world, that's where it should be. I don't want to build fans, I want to help build believers and worshipers of the one and only true and living God. My music isn't a way to prove my worth, but a tool to communicate, bless the world, and give God the glory; and not lose my faith in the process. I'm working on a ton of new developments as far as music and clothing as the owner of @Gr8rLifestyle. Everything just takes time, and everything really is in the Lord's hands, so I strive to dedicate all of me and all that I have to him." With heartrending and pain, healing messages and hooks like Nerva's music impel the lost and the weak to discover their deepest identity in Jesus Christ. 


There are days when you just meet such a wonderful soul and things just click. I met Nerva, who’s music is fire and is about to do big things! Look out for his music because he’s an extremely talented musician.
— Ben Biones (Photographer)
Nerva is one of the most passionate man of God I know. His gift of hip hop uniquely ministers God’s word with incredible urban cultural relevance and hands down great music! Nerva’s music will bless you, your team, your church, or your event in ways you didn’t know you needed. He is a voice that the Lord is using to influence at a generational level, he can speak to the now generation and the next generation alike. He’s funny, humble, powerful and I’m honored to call him my friend.
— Pastor Cruz (Assistant Pastor at Abundant Living Faith Center)
I’m proud of Nerva because not only is he well-intentioned, the brother has skills! He has a unique sound as a rapper and a producer that can stand next to whatever they’re bumping on MTV and BET. The music is good! The purpose is even greater!
— Karen Y. Johnson (Youth Pastor at Destiny Family Christian Center)
You and your music motivate me to try to do better in life and to stay focused on Christ even in the toughest times.
— Justice Barton (Friend)
Nerva delivers a very powerful and deep message through his lyrics.
— Bryan August (Friend)
When it comes to using music for ministry, Nerva is the real deal. He has a heart for Jesus, a heart for people, and a heart for hip-hop music. He is able to humbly combine all 3 of these to relate to all ages and types of people with his genuine love for God. Working with him in ministry is a great experience.
— Jeremy Kroeker (Youth Pastor at Beth El Bible Church)
Nerva’s gift to captivate the minds of our young people and empower them with hope is amazing. I must humbly say that I was empowered and encouraged through his gift of music and testimony.
— David Henderson III (Senior Pastor at Victory Outreach)