Stay Lit Lyrics

© Stay Lit - 2017, by Nerva “All Rights Reserved.” 



Rap/Hip-Hop/Christian Rap

Track #1, 4:17 min.








I gotta Walk with that light everywhere I go,

So that I'm never moved when darkness approach


Every single day I try as hard as I can to reach the goal ahead

So now When my past try to haunt me I just turn my head

Whenever it gets difficult I read the word of God

And then I pray so I can stand against the devil plots


I'm just tryna shine my light


Ima just get straight to it




Stay lit 

Stay lit 


stay lit x 2




Dark don't mix with light 




I'm gone shine my light




Stay lit 

Stay lit 


stay lit 


Verse 1


Stay low (stay low)

Stay lit (stay lit)

Trust God (Trust God)

That's it (That's God)


These snakes (These Snakes)

They slick (They slick)

Can't see (Can't See)

get bit (Get bit)




Seek the Lord and His strength everyday (everyday)

Be strong, stand fast in the faith (in the faith)

Keep ya hands clean go the right way (right way)

Listen to the word do what it say (what it say)


Don't give up in ya well doing gotta keep it moving (moving)

When the trouble come blessed is the man that endure it (endure it)

Reach forward to things that's ahead when you moving

Pray always, in the spirit, everything you doing


It might look like the Lord have forsaken me (yea)

And like the worries of the world overtaken me (yea),

But Living life looking for faults in everything only helps to find what ya looking for eventually 


if we died wit em we will also live wit em

If we endure we will also reign wit em

If reign wit him then we get the power of the spirit

And the spirit gives life no fear found in em


,No pain should put a stop to courage and faith,

Gotta see from the heart what you can't from your face

To have fear avoiding danger doesn't mean it is safe

I rather die for his sake, even if it come with pain


Hook x2





Verse 2


I can 






Who strengthens



He doesn't call the equipped

He qualifies and equip


All who wish to live Godly suffer persecution,

But God know that we can do it and he help us through it,

We overcome evil by doing good not retribution, 

...Cuz Troubles are never greater than what trouble produces


I was sent into the world,

To Be in the world not of the world

To Love the people in it not the world (oh yea)

Ima be lighthouse for the world


All these False prophets 

out to make a profit

Off of people pockets

For their lack of knowledge


Wanna keep us under

Just debt in college

If you don't repent 

That would be Catastrophic 


The thoughts You exercise the most,

Always tend to be strongest,

Be careful what you keep inside ,

cause what you wanna keep you own it,


The one who speak before they pray,

Usually be the wrongest,

The one who shines on a hill,

Normally stays the lowest,


Hook x2





Jesus said, “We gone have the light just a little while longer. So Walk while we have the light, before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going.


Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” 

John 12:35-36