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Mind, Body, Soul - Lyrics "Mark 12:30-31"

© Mind, Body, Soul - 2017, by Nerva “All Rights Reserved.” 

Rap/Hip-Hop/Christian Rap

Track #1, 3:39 min.




Jesus love me (Jesus love me)

This I know (this is I know)

I believe He died (I believe He died)

To save my soul (to save my soul)


He died and rose

(Died and rose)

To save my soul

(To save my soul)

I praise His name

With all my miiind body soul




Yea (yea) x6

Wi miiiind, body, soul X2


Verse 1


I am worth more 

than they thought of me

I gotta be

The Lord said im worth it all when He paid the whole fee

Put his spirit in my heart so that I can be free 

Where he be you will find liberty and have peace


..Every day I wake

Gotta give thanks 

Gotta pray,

..Whatever my hands find to do

I gotta do it great

Go the whole way

Gotta stay focused in the paint

Bible in my face,

I don't wanna fall from His grace




Every single day I'm battling this sinful nature (nature),

But Thru the day I put my trust and hope in my creator(creator),

And Thru the day I be conversing with him from my heart (my heart)

Stay in the word so I'm aware of Satan fiery darts (fiery darts)


I rose early in morning just like Abraham (ham)

I gotta go where God tell me can't stay where I am (am)

And Abraham did not wait around making excuses 

He did not sit and think to tell the Lord he couldn't do it, (do it)






Verse 2


Walking in the dark never helps me I stumble when I'm not

A righteous man will fall seven times but he will rise agaaain in the name of (Jesus Christ), 

(I believe it)

What you believe about your purpose and potential will help you to fulfill it or it will keep you where you miss it




The more time I contemplate over the devil lies,

The less time I have to view myself through Jesus eyes, 

I got weaknesses where I should have been disqualified,

But God chose me when I didn't cause he so divine


They wanna keep me ignorant keep me illiterate

I learned to read I know Im valued more than millions (Money don't last forever man)

Pushing against the limits no more living limited 

If I Conform to worldly ways then I'll be settling 






Verse 3


...I found peace and healing studying the word of God (Word of God)

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God (With God)

And the word was God (God), 

And His word is alive (alive),

And when I need it most I always get revitalized (yea)


I Fully give myself to work for God like Hezekiah, 

I can't, stop, doing, what is, right like King Josiah,

The Lord called me by my name, just like King Cyrus,

He's showing me where I should go just like He did with Issac (did with Issac),




I'm Running to it like Elisha

When He saw the power in Elija,

I'm Standing up to my Goliath 

Call me Daniel walking out the fire,


I know the plans of my Messiah

Chapter 29 of Jeremiah

Cause of Jesus now we got the Holy Spirit

I won't be surprised if they don't like us