Jesus Saves - Lyrics "Romans 10:13"

© Jesus Saves - 2017, by Nerva “All Rights Reserved.” 

Rap/Hip-Hop/Christian Rap

Track #1, 4:47 min.




One day my name, my music, and glory will mean nothing.

It won't mater who I am or what I do

But the name of Jesus

Is the only name that holds power, authority and saves forever.

The fire in me is greater than any fire around me
I had a purpose before they had an opinion about me
When I got Jesus it don't matter how dark it gets around me
Cause he is the light who shine bright in my life overcoming the darkness




Verse 1

I am
In jesus
Since I accepted Jesus in my heart i ain't the same
I have been set free from sin
No more
Now I'ma slave unto His righteousness, renewed my brain

Im was a sinner that was saved by his amazing grace
I should be dead in the grave, but Jesus made a way,

He is all that I need
He provide all of my needs
Through him I can do anything
Without him I cant do a thing

Lord Keep my feet from walking in deceitful ways
Lord You said that you will never turn no one away
I have an anchor for my soul His name is Jesus Christ,
I need the power of his Spirit to work in my life

To guide me and equip me every morning, day and night
Cause Those who hunger for His righteousness are satisfied
Sinful living quench the Holy Spirit every time
Yet God is faithful to forgive and Help me get it right (right)


Verse 2

I Try to please the Spirit of Lord when I face a test
Cause If i do that then i will not fulfill the lust of the flesh,
The mind of a sinful man is dark and it leads to death,
The mind controlled by the Spirit bring life and peacefulness

So When the waves of life,
toss me from left to right,
I remember Peter would've drowned if it wasn't for Christ,
And how the disciples could never get the power of his Spirit without him making a sacrifice,
So Lord touch my life,
And I'll be healed by ya stripes,

I need to hear your voiiice, Lord show me
I believe that there's a heaven hope I'm going
I don't wanna hear you say you never knew me
Let me deny myself and take up my cross

Swerve on the enemy tricks
Dab on the devil resist,
First you gotta know that he exist,
Then Rebuke em and watch how He dip,

Everybody has choice
Ain't nobody forcing us what to choose,
Today is the day of salvation,
Gotta pray for our nation,

Jesus word is a light
To the path that I walk
I will not look to the right
From the dark I guard my heart,


Verse 3

Everyday my bible open
I gotta pay attention,
If my mind isn't sober
Devil gone catch me slippin

This world is not enough
And it will never ever be,
But I know someone who knows what you need before you ever speak,

Where does my help come from?
From the Lord and no one else
Don't matter how much I keep trying I can't save myself
When all the money & ppl left me Jesus was there
When I'm in trouble he's my strength and ever-present help

Lord Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from within
Deliver me from death and keep my feet from stumbling
grant me a willing spirit to sustain me from the sin
I need your Spirit when the enemy comes rushin in,

Lord, Save me from the people who are after me
And from me backsliding back to the old me
I shouldn't be around that kind of company
So I'm praying for myself and my enemies,

My uncle told me focus on your own path
Don't get distracted by opposition cause it never last,

And In this world they may label you an outcast
For believing in Jesus just stay rooted you'll surpass,
Look I serve the Lord who made heaven and earth
And what you live for is what guides you
Even if I'm trouble on every side if he ain't done then I ain't thru



...I Turn my back to my old life
I don't wanna live that way if im living a lie
Cause You can look alive on the outside,
But be dying on the inside