Everyday Lyrics

© Everyday - 2017, by Nerva “All Rights Reserved.” 

Rap/Hip-Hop/Christian Rap

Track #1, 3:30 min.





I'm on it everyday x8


Every day x8


(Verse 1)


I woke up this morning and made a decision

To walk in my purpose and finish the mission/

I cut off some people who hindered the vision

And nothing is personal I hope they get it/


Steady discipline isn't easy but necessary 

Pressing to the goal like Lionel Messi keep the talk short like 3rd John and February/

I Cant compete with my adversaries

Cause they don't have the vision I carry

So it's hard to see what they see in me

So me and God Peanut butter jelly/


I was Counted out from day one they always tryna hold me back/

All these walls just to glue em to my back

When I fall I'ma rise like the Son yea I'm coming back/


For these for false prophets

Out to make a profit

Off of ppl pockets

For their lack of knowledge

Tryna keep us under 

Just like debt in college

When you know you wrong 

You know you need to stop it?


Everyday I'm focused,

My eyes are wide open,

They hate when I'm scoring

I still pray they growing,


So much evil all around me gotta shine my light, 

They say they children of my God but they don't talk alike


Holy holy holy is the Lord God almighty

When I think aboutem I get so excited 

I givem the wheel to my life and He guide it

Keep my sword on me ready like Viking 





(Verse 2)


Validation doesn't mean you winning

I don't need yo money and attention  


You store up what you got on earth 

Mine up in heaven that's the difference,


Power doesn't supersede dominion

Money can't replace eternal living,


Amp-u-ta-ted evil we don't kick it

Cut it loose if it don't help the vision,




I sub-tracted those harmful things

Which bring me down like long division/

And because the grace of God so sufficient 

Cant break us up like a run on sentence/


When you keep doing what you want there are consequences

When the father speak children outta listen/

I'll trade gold any day for wisdom 

I am so serious/


Put my shame on the cross

Put my flesh on a chain/

I make it my slave

I make it obey,  it do what I say/


Pleasing the flesh 

Isn't okay, It will lead to decay,

When my past try to haunt me I just turn away


They just wanna keep me in a prison

And the people perish for their lack of vision

So i study hard and I'm praying hard

Yea I'm working hard to live out them scriptures


Blood sweat tears hard work

Work over talent hard work/

No grumbling hard work

Without the Holy Spirit it won't work/