Tune Them Out

Have you ever felt like a failure, felt bad about who you are, or felt like you'll never measure up? Or do you have people in your life who intentionally or unintentionally discourage you into believing you won't do better? Sometimes I just sit back, and I wonder if most people find enjoyment in ignoring me, mocking me, going against me, and waiting to see me fall on my face. What ever happened to lifting up one another and being happy for each other? At one point or another in our lives, we will come face to face with opposition, whether it is at work, at school, at home, or within chasing our dreams. If you are not careful, discouraging thoughts and comments will rise in your mind to delay progress, and many times the ones closes to you will be the ones to hurt you most. 

Do not have expectations that your family and close friends should be or will be your greatest fans. And always remember that everything we may hear or see isn't always true. Emotions and thoughts can fluctuate with surroundings and circumstances. 'Oh you think you're a real man, but a real man wouldn't... or a real man should...so you're nothing; Or you don't know how to love your wife nor kids...and you'll never be able to...because yada, yada, yada'. This world can be very cold and you MUST guard your dreams, but most of all your heart (Proverbs 4:23). Safeguard it and protect it with all the strength the good Lord gives. Never give negative vibes the opportunity to distract you from focusing on your goals, or to blind you from recognizing your true potential and worth (Ephesians 4:27, Proberbs 21:23).

When opposition knocks on my door, sometimes my response is, 'is that the best you got?'  Although, I have learned that silence is the best response (Proverbs 12:16), because it leaves room for God to guide us in wisdom (James 1:19), a soft answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1). We do not have to engage with foolishness, nor do we have to agree with it, just keep in mind that throwing gasoline on the fire will profit nothing (Titus 3:9). And when one dwells on discouraging comments and thoughts for so long, he or she will eventually believe it, then walk in it, but it doesn't make it true at all. Guilt, doubt, worry, fear, insecurities, anxiety, depression, rejection, shame, and negativity are all bad places to be in, and it will paralyze any persons progress because there is this disconnection from believing you are worthy or able enough to pursue greater.

I do not believe perfection is necessary to be a great writer, father/mother, or musician, neither is popularity. But I do believe It is necessary and vital to be whoever God has called us all to be, not what every other person think we are, want us be, or whisper in our ears. God created us all for a greater purpose, not for us to live life feeling worthless. So whatever it is, DO NOT let it paralyze your progress or make you feel like a mistake or useless. Play your role the best you know how and never compromise your purpose for discouraging comments or thoughts. If you perish without walking in your true identity or fulfilling your true purpose because of opposition, you have failed. Forget what they think or say about you. Forget what they may do to you or don't do for you. YOU just focus on doing it now, because later may become never if you wait for the noise and opposition to stop. It's time to be free indeed (John 8:36) in Jesus name, and tune out what's not true.

Prayer: Thank you God for Jesus, the one and only true Son of God, who suffered the shame of guilt and rejection so we don't have to (Hebrews 12). Thank you Lord Jesus for never forsaking me. I believe that you are Lord, who died and rose for my sins, that I might be delivered and freed from all shame. Live in my heart and as I grow in you, help me to remember my true worth and identity if I began to forget. Amen!

Scripture: “I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. - Psalms 16:8