Ordinary People

We are all ordinary people but GOD can still do extraordinary things through those who don't always appear qualified. The world measures greatness by power, position, looks, intelligence, eloquence, possession and social media likes, but these things soon fade away and could never compare to the goodness of GOD. No one in this world can imagine the great things that GOD can do through those who trust and believe in His power; To those who are available for Him to work in them and are willing to follow His guide no matter how incorrect or impossible His ways and thoughts may seem.

Human direction or way of seeing things are not always right because we're likely to chase after things and people where there is no living GOD. Its better to depend on GOD who is all-powerful and all-knowing; who knows how to get the right resources and people to you at the right time, than to depend on our limited strength, skills, resources, and attributes. When you have GOD you have everything you need to be who He knows you can become because He is not limited by our life circumstances or conditions. As you walk with GOD in Jesus name, never doubt that GOD will qualify and prepare you to achieve whatever He knows you can do even if you or the world doesn't see it yet.

God Bless You!