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Kook Kang Beats Sale


  • Do you accept payment other than paypal?

The method of payment to purchase ALL beats will be through www.paypal.com (Although when you go to purchase a Kook Kang beat by clicking the "buy now" button above, PayPal gives you an option to pay with a debit or credit card. For faster future checkout consider signing up with PayPal today. It's free! 

If you have any complications paying through PayPal, contact Kook Kang directly at the number or email below to send payment via Western Union or Walmart 2 Walmart.

  • Once I purchase a beat will it be removed from the site?

No, for promotional reasons, although, the beat you purchase will be labeled as [SOLD] and will only be available for streaming, ONLY.

  • How do I give credit to the producer?

In all projects where any part of Kook Kang instrumentals are used be sure to give credit in one of the following formats: "Produced by Kook Kang", "Beat by Kook Kang", or "Original music by Kook Kang".

  • What rights do I have after purchasing a Kook Kang beat?

You will have exclusive rights to the wav master file and Mp3 file track that you purchase (Meaning no one else will have the track you purchase, and you will be authorized for unlimited distribution, full ownership, free royalty, commercial use, mixtape/album, no tags, etc.).

  • Can I copyright a song I record to Kook Kang beat and how do I go about doing it?

Absolutely! Although Kook Kang owns the copyright to the beat itself, once you lay the vocals on top of it you own the copyright to that particular song. To copyright your song simply go to www.copyright.gov and follow instructions. 

  • What are track outs and when do I receive them?

It means that every sound of the beat (drums, snares, hit hats, instruments, samples, vocals, etc.) will all be separated in high quality wav audio files. This will allow your audio engineer to have more control over the editing, mix, and mastering process of the beat for the best sound possible. Track outs will take a little longer to send out because breaking down the entire beat is extremely time consuming. Track outs are not available for any beat on sale below $100.00.

Buying an exclusive beat from Kook Kang means we will actually stop selling the beat(s) once you’ve purchased these rights and full ownership is transferred. 

Please note after you have received your order(s) there are no refunds thank you. – Kook Kang

Email: Info@gr8rlifestyle.com

Phone: 575-222-3658